Kitchen Island: How to Design this Focal Piece of Your Kitchen

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A kitchen island is one of the most important features in your kitchen design. Hence, it makes sense to consider as you are planning the design and layout of your kitchen. The kitchen island is more than just an aesthetic addition because it serves an important function too. Depending on how you intend to use it, you can use these guidelines when consulting with design experts on kitchen designs Brisbane Bayside has today.

Storage Use

If you plan on using the island as a storage component for kitchen designs in Brisbane Bayside, you need to look at what size to have installed in this space. If you are going to use the kitchen island for storage purposes, you it should be large enough to accommodate your cooking appliances and tools. With the addition of a kitchen island, you will provide more storage opportunities in the kitchen. You can even use it to display other essential kitchen tools and supplies. If you have existing storage cabinets in your kitchen, you need to plan where you will store certain essentials. This will enable you to decide how big or small the island should be. Click here for more information: Bayside Kitchens

Seating Function

When looking at Brisbane Bayside kitchen designs for a kitchen island, you can also incorporate this fixture into your seating plan. It is not uncommon for homeowners to add seats into their kitchen island such that it doubles as a dining area too. In fact, you can also invite your friends or guests to the island to interact with them while you cook. There are endless opportunities that you can do with a kitchen island!

For smaller homes, the use of kitchen islands as a dining area is a smart idea. This will enable you to maximize and save space in the kitchen all at once. You can invest in bar stool as seats for your kitchen area. You can also attach a dining table onto the island so you can quickly serve the food you prepared from the kitchen island to the dining table.

Multi-Function Space

A kitchen island can serve a lot of purpose. It is therefore one of the reasons why homeowners spend a lot of money to add it to their kitchen. If you also value modern kitchen designs Brisbane Bayside has today, you can add an instant modern touch to your kitchen with the addition of a countertop island.

Essentially, it can be used for food preparation. However, the kids can also use it as a study or work table when you are not using it to prepare food. And like mentioned above, it is the ideal space to entertain friends when you want to involve them in the cooking process. The cost and design will be based on your intended use and theme of your home. You can go for vintage or minimalist kitchen designs Brisbane Bayside can offer depending on what will complement the overall aesthetic style of your home.

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