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Where to Install a Sky Light for Its Maximum Effectiveness

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Installing a sky light is increasingly becoming a popular home improvement option among homeowners in Melbourne due to the many benefits it brings. Not only that it allows natural light into a previously dark space, making it warmer and more inviting, but it also helps you to save more on your energy bills. While you can choose to install this addition at any place in your home, there are certain areas that it will be very effective, such as:

  • The Bonus Room

This is an area where you and other members of your family would often hang out. Considering the size of this room, it would be best to consider installing dome skylights Melbourne has because they are especially designed for large spaces. As this area experiences varying light conditions, it is also recommended to install one with blinds to have full control over lighting. Depending on what you are doing inside the room, you can raise the blinds to fully let the sunlight in or lower them for dimming.

  • The Master Bedroom

A sky light will provide this room plentiful daylight without compromising privacy. During the evening, it will also provide you a great view of the night sky, instead of just a plain-looking ceiling and walls. However, you might want to consider adding blackout blinds if you are a shift work sleeper. With them, you can block most the light manually or by remote control if you need to.

  • The Kitchen

Skylights provide your kitchen a number of benefits. For one, they give the space balanced lighting, which is essential when you are cooking with sharp utensils, such as knives and peelers. Another benefit is that they will allow you more wall space that you can use to add cabinets or other storage lockers. Aside from lighting, vented skylights will also allow fresh air into the kitchen and release warm moist air, cooking odours, and smoke. Visit here Custom Skylights

  • The Bathroom

Like the bedroom, the bathroom is also a great place to install a skylight without compromising privacy. Basically, this installation will be an essential component in getting rid of the huge amount of moisture in this room. Just make sure to consider installing custom skylights that offer good ventilation. In the most cases, these are better than fans because of the new features they have, such as rain sensors.

  • The Loft

Unless it is a dormer style, your loft will certainly need a skylight for natural illumination. Considering that the ceiling in this space is just within reach, you can choose a roof window skylight that you can operate manually. Aside from providing daylight, it will allow fresh air into the room and will even serve as a point of emergency escape.

A sky light can transform a dark interior space in your home into a brighter one. But to ensure that it will work its magic, you should install it at the right places. To find custom skylights Melbourne has that will suit your home’s existing design, visit customskylights.com.au.